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12.10.2020 19:46

stephen Johnson

pelargonium excalibur, do you sell any small plants? looking for a rooted cutting ?

14.10.2020 06:51


Hi sorry to say that as stated on my website I do not sell plants.

28.11.2018 21:14

Marian Johnson

Hi Ken. Any tips on how to grow pelargoniums as miniatures? I used to find them at nice plant stores and at a few places online, but now I can't find them anywhere? All best, and thanks, Marian

17.06.2018 20:18

Mary-Anne Blades

Do you sell dibbinsdale pelargoniums and brackenwood pelargoniums

28.05.2018 10:18

Gordon Robert

I have bought 20zonal pelargoniums from Fibrex, what potting mixture do you recomend,and rooting mixture. You have given the best information I’ve ever read or seen anywhere, thank you ,

29.05.2018 18:03

Gordon Lawrence roberts

Thank you all information gratefully received,I look forward to growing my zonal Pelargoniums,

28.05.2018 20:30


Hi I use Clover Multipurpose with about 25% John Innes added. I then sift this to get rid of the lumps, which makes it easier when potting on to the next size pot. Hope you find this helpful, Ken

25.08.2017 22:00

Brian Skeys

Thank you. Will give it a go

25.08.2017 21:40

Brian Skeys

Hello Ken, I have white fly on my Pelargoniums in the greenhouse, what would you recommend as treatment. Thanks

25.08.2017 21:54


Hi Brian, I find that Provado Ultimate Bug Killer works well as it is systemic stays in the plant for a month. can buy it made up or as a concentrate.

28.06.2017 22:04


Ken,parcel arrived safely,babies recovering,many thanks so very kind of you.Val

31.08.2016 17:34

Sue Stewart

Hi Ken Lovely website very informative.I am new to all this should I use multi purpose potting compost or John Innes No2 and do they need any sand perlite or vermiculite mixed in. Many Thanks Sue

13.06.2016 10:57


Hi Ken, I am a novice grower and would appreciate some advice regarding what compost to pot on cuttings into. I use coir to take the cuttings and that works well but not sure what to use to pot-on.

10.04.2016 11:25

colleen ross

Ken what potting mix do you use

14.01.2016 17:08

Aimal Kasi

John Innes composts are not available in Pakistan. What ingredients and in what ratio should I mix for making up potting mix for pelargoniums.

20.05.2015 11:17

Ken Abel

Hi, My plants which are grown in pots, seem happy with a PH of 6.6-7. Hope this is of help to you. Ken

20.05.2015 08:49

young joo lee ( Mr)

Hello , Ken ! i would like to know HOW is better Ph range of substrate for peragonium?
i am manufacturing the granulated rock wool substrate, one of my client growing peragonium using my media , he praise my rock wool media is good. he say
please let

06.03.2015 19:26

David Goodchild

We are the North East Group of Plant Heritage Could you please let me know if you could give us a talk on Pelargoniums and what your fee would be. Thanks