Inside one of my Pelargonium greenhouses, the plants have had their last stop of the year.


20.07.2018 14:40


My geriaum is dieing .Turning born and losing leaves can you tell me what I am doing wrong

23.07.2018 13:55


Hi Porsha, without seeing your plant it is hard to tell what is wrong with it. Try taking it out of pot to see if it is overwatered. If you want more help email me with the link provided on here. Ken

23.09.2013 20:32

april williams

Thanks for trying to help me out with The Yar and Treendlewood peles. We have tried Fibrex and they say they don't stock either. Nevermind.

22.09.2013 13:27

Ken D.

Hi Ken. The Yar is a stellar and obtainable from Fibrex according to the RHS Plant finders guide. The other one is not listed , never heard of it Ken D.

22.09.2013 16:07


Hi Ken D. thanks for that checked it is a Brian West Stellar, not heard of the other either and not in the Pelargonium Register so I have been told. Ken A.

22.09.2013 10:46


Hi April. I am sorry but I have not heard of either of the Pelargoniums mentioned, but if anyone on here does know of them feel free to help me out.

21.09.2013 16:20

april williams

Hi Ken. It's April again. A friend of mine is looking for two pelargoniums - The Yar and Trendlewood. Any idea where he can get them?

09.12.2009 10:22

No 1 pest

You big fibber Master mentor

09.12.2009 08:45


Wow, your plants are really looking great!
A real challange for every pellie grower to struggle for!

09.12.2009 00:06


Great looking plants, what one would expect from The Master.