Aztec, Rosmaroy, Hazel Perfection, Fringed Aztec, Kimono, Georgia Peach, Peach Princess, Ginny Reeves, Red Susan Pearce, Susan Pearce, Pink Fringed Aztec, Hazel Choice, Hazel Burtoft, Fuji, Penny Dixon, Oriental Delight, Askham Fringed Aztec, Rimfire, Shogun.


                            Dwarf Zonals

Bold Carmine, Clatterbridge, Dibbinsdale, Brackenwood, John's Dilys, Morval, Deborah Milliken, Deacon Lilac Mist, Bill's Delight, Little Alice, Just Joss, Bold Gem, Doreen, Just Beth, Bold Show, Occuld Profusion.


                         Miniature Zonals

Brookside Primrose, Erwarton, Holbrook, Tracy, Sannibel, Orion, Little Jim, Eileen, Rigel, Sussex Gem, Golden Petite Pierre, Kayleigh West, Frosty Petite Pierre, Brookside Serenade, Flaming Katy, Pippa.

CARLTON PELECSTACY ( one of my seedlings)


Quantock Beauty, Mrs.G.H.Smith, Starlight Magic, Catford Belle, Debbie, Cottenham Surprise, Little Blakenham, Quantock Kirsty, Oldbury Duet, Sarah Don, Quantock Louise, Berkswell Pixie, Berkswell Calypso, Berkswell Fiesta, Mister Lot, H.E.Collins, Rockwell Sophie.


                            Scented Leaf

Lady Plymouth, Grace Thomas, Pink Capitatum, Charity, Brunswick, Rober's Lemon Rose, Lara Starshine, Poquita, Imperial Butterfly, Ashby, Birdbush Julie Ann, Acushla by Brian, Firtrees Muffin.


                            Basic Stellars

Gemini, Dragon's Breath, Vancouver Centennial, Pat Hanam, Purple Heart, Birdbush Chloe, Petite Peach, Grandad Mac, Vectis Sparkler, Jean Caws and  Carolyn Dean.


                        Miniature Stellars

Scottow Sparkler, Freshwater, Polestar, Newbridge, Kelly Brougham, Priory Star, Silver Glitter, Priory Coral, Flecks, Kitbridge.



30.05.2014 01:28

Sharon Pearce

Do you sell your Dwarf Zonals? I can't find them in San Diego AT ALL - and my usual sources don't grow them!

27.02.2014 23:09

Irene Potter

I am looking for an Angel Pelargonium named Debbie. Can you tell me where I can purchase this plant?

30.05.2014 01:27

Sharon Pearce

I found it on - she has a wonderful variety of Angels!

28.02.2014 09:05


Hi Irene. It has been a long while since I have seen Debbie listed for sale at a nursery. Hopefully someone out there can help you after reading this. Ken

18.09.2013 21:31

Mr B Bevington

Hi Ken Will you be taking the dwarf Just Beth to Scarborough on the 29 of Sept

07.09.2013 18:25

April Williams

Hi Ken, Please can you tell me your Pelargonium Supplier?

22.07.2013 06:46


Hi Fred in UK try Gosbrook, Fibrex and Firtrees Nurseries go to my Links page to help find them.

21.07.2013 19:43

Fred White

Where can I buy exhibition geraniums?

11.05.2013 19:12


I have been searching for the Pleargonium(Geranium) "Little Alice" for a long time.....I was sad that I lost it. Where can I buy it? Please help me.

16.02.2013 22:54


Hi Reg The only Pelargonium with the prefix Carlton that has been released is Regal Carlton Princess, and I do not have any plans to released anymore.

15.07.2012 12:54

Michael Griffiths

Hello, Have you heard of a variety called The Botley Plant, if so can you supply please.

29.06.2011 13:38


i love this page

28.06.2011 13:15

Jean Merrick

Having looked at your page on recommended varieties do you supply plants by mail? If so may I know which please.

18.09.2010 16:14

R Woodberrry Marjorie robertson

I Love Simondo I would very much like to purchase one day please let me know when available

16.02.2013 11:56

Reg Woodberry

Hi Ken
Unable to find a supplier of Simondo or Cariton Barbikien can you help
many thanks
yours reg Woodberry