This is a plant of dwarf zonal grown in a 4.5" pot.



 Begs National Show in Port Talbot.This is where it all started in 1999, with me winning Best in Show as a novice, plus five other trophies.





A 2 year old plant of angel Catford Belle grown as standard for the show bench. These are more of a challenge to grow as a standard than zonals, but as you can see from the one in this photo that it is well worth the effort. 


Welcome to my website.  All photos belong to me (unless credit is given to someone else) and copyright infringement is strongly prohibited.  They are for viewing purposes only, not for taking without permission.

This is a link to the prize-pelargoniums facebook page, why not check it out.


If you are impressed please feel free to like the facebook page or my website.






Angel seedling Carlton Carnival grown as a miniature in a 3.5" pot.



 Talks given to local Horticultural Societies and Gardening Clubs on Hostas and Pelargoniums. contact me on 


Pelargoniums Explained   5th October 2022 for Diggers & Planters Group of the North Norfolk U3A venue Bodham Village Hall NR25 6AD.











Hi, my name is Ken Abel and I live in Carlton Colville, Suffolk in the UK. I have been growing and showing Pelargoniums nationally since 1999.





All the ideas and tips on my website, relate to how I grow and exhibit show plants. (they work for me) 
Most of the plants you see on this site were grown by me unless stated otherwise.

If you like Hostas check out the new album with photos of plants from my collection. 

I hope 2022 will see us have a better growing season for our Pelargoniums and for those like me who exhibit their plants good luck on the show bench. 


From January 2014, I started writing the  Pelargonium column in the "Garden News".   


Some angels standing in the coolness of our study before being loaded into the van for the show bench at the Yorkshire show 2017. Back row from left to right. Berkswell Fiesta in 6" pot, Berkswell Fiesta in 4.5" pot, Berkswell Rosetta in a 6" pot. In the middle is a young plant of Carlton Tinker in a 5.5" pot. Front row Rockwell Sophie in a 6" pot, Oldbury Duet in a 6" pot and Sarah Don in a 6" pot.

I have created this Website so you can share how I grow my prize winning Pelargoniums, see my pictures and leave a message in my guest book.Have fun. If you like a page please feel free to give it a thumbs up.



Website last updated   07-11-2022


Thanks for all the likes and comments left on the website over the past year.





BEGS 2008 National Show.

                   Oldbury Duet

I won 'BEST IN SHOW' With Oldbury Duet, at the BEGS National 2008. This was held in Scarborough, and hosted by the Yorkshire Pelargonium & Geranium Society.

PAGS 2009 National Show report in the "Garden News".


05.06.2022 07:32

Sharia (Sharee) Elouise Scott

You're my no. 1 inspiration in the Pelargonium growing/showing world. Appreciation abundance, plus some! Your site has taught me more in a short period of time, than any other source or outlet.

16.04.2022 21:49

Adrienne Nield

Wow I love your plants ,beautiful ,I wish I could grow them that well in Australia

08.05.2021 23:43


Is it possible to send you a photo to help identify a pelargonium? It has leaves similar to Oldbury Duet but seems to be a deeper purple. Thank you!

12.05.2021 20:23


Hi Cathy There are links on website that you can use to send a photo.

10.03.2021 18:23

Jacqueline Connell

I’ve just read your column in GN 6th March issue) - absolutely brilliant! So informative; l always end up with leggy cuttings and now l know how to avoid this. You mention p. australe which l love.

11.03.2021 09:07


Thanks for the kind words unfortunately GN have reduced the input from experts this year so I will have only 2 more to do. Ken

29.07.2020 14:07

Kay Gentry

Hi! Ken I'm an old face from the then Bradwell Fuchsia club we always read your articles in garden news, but it always results in me spending money hope you and Babs are well

08.07.2020 20:07

John Bradbury

fabulous new seedling of Carlton Mystique Ken.
many congratulations. Any tips on hybridisation? I will look out for such varieties with the prefix 'Carlton' if you can say where they will be on sale.

10.07.2020 15:24


Pleased to hear that you like the look of Carlton Mystique, it holds the flowers well. I will answer the rest of your comment by email.

26.05.2020 15:29

Ted Kennison

Where can I get Berkswill pelagoniums please?
I am an avid gardener and love angel pelagoniums but have tried in vain to find a supplier.

26.05.2020 19:45


Hi Ted You could try Fibrex or Trecott nursery for Berkswell Angels. Ken

17.02.2020 11:26

Magi Delahay

This page is brilliant and I will be saving to "favourites"... gives so much inspiration💗💗💗

23.01.2020 09:14


Hi Brian I will answer your question by email. Ken

22.01.2020 23:20

Brian Moorhead

What is the best pelargonium/geranium catalogues to get for showing and also what are the best varieties to show?

13.09.2019 09:31


Hi Mark sorry to say that I have not written a book on Pelargoniums, the nearest I get to it is writing a column now and then for the Garden News. regards Ken

11.09.2019 09:37

mark bateman

Good morning!
Have you by any chance written a book on the subject and, if so, how can I get my hands on a copy/

06.09.2019 10:01


Hi Ken. I have entered a geranium in the local show. However, there is plenty of foliage but hardly any flowers. I have been deadheading regularly. How can I get more flowers on a geranium? Janet

29.06.2019 20:08

Mary-Anne Blades

Hello Ken.
I am wanting to make my own compost for growing pelargoniums for showing.what do you recommend

17.05.2019 13:36

Joe Connah

Hi Ken do you know of a plant named Dramsden, cannot see it on any listings of Pelargoniums or Geraniums. Thanks .JOE

18.05.2019 07:41


Hi Joe I know of an angel Darmsden bred by Ray Bidwell with royal velvet, pale mauve flowers, if that is any help. Ken

07.05.2019 04:22

Vicky Green

Hello Ken, I don't want to be too boring, and say as everyone must that I've never seen plants as perfect and totally beautiful as yours. My message is please tell me that you are writing a book.

09.05.2019 05:54


Hi Vicky thanks for your kind comments, this website and writing in Garden News is the nearest I will get to a book for now. Ken

06.05.2019 14:22


Hi Ken have just bought some regal peligoniums can you tell me what I should do with them regarding feeding and General looking after. They're beautiful plants and want to get a great display for my g

29.04.2019 18:36


Woow love that Madame Salleron Pelargonium

12.10.2018 16:33

Brian Medhurst

Hi Ken! Thank you for the most interesting talk and amazing pics, you gave at Halesworth Gardeners' Society last evening. It our first evening of the "new term" and it went very well. Brian Medhurst

14.10.2018 07:06

Ken Abel

Thanks Brian and also for making us feel welcome. Glad my talk was well received. Ken

06.09.2018 18:06


Hi Ken Could you suggest some good named varieties of Zonal pelargoniums for a show in early September. thanks.

23.08.2018 05:41


Hello Ken. Unfortunately I did not get the email answer you sent me. I am sending my email address again.

23.08.2018 07:08


Hello Janet I have resent using the email address provided. If that does not work maybe you would like to try getting in touch by the link on this site. Ken

19.08.2018 08:08


Hi Ken. Our local flower show is quite late. This year it is on 8th September. My pelargoniums have flowered their heads off all summer now have very few flowers on. How can I prolong the season?

22.08.2018 09:15


Hi Janet I have answered this by the email address you provided hope it arrived safely. Ken

21.07.2018 13:56

Jill Lawson

Can you ever grow pelargoniums as standards?

23.07.2018 14:18


Hi Jill the answer to your question is yes they make good standards. I have put 2 examples on my homepage, hope you approve. Ken

10.03.2018 16:35

Magi Delahay

I really love pelargoniums. .. but have difficulty overwintering them...
This site is do I join??? Is there a "follow" option???

28.02.2018 17:31


Hi Ken,
I live in the U.S. just east of Chicago, and have fallen in love with Pellies. Trouble is, I can't find sources for them beyond but I still envy you and love your site!

10.10.2017 12:30

Aleeza Khaauuff

Hey Ken, Verily I Loveth the planplants t

30.07.2017 11:59


I have several angel and regal,that seem to think autumn is lots of yellow brown seemed to start on a cold snap followed by cloud cover.I have feed and watered b u t still very sad .

29.07.2017 16:20

Ray Leppard

Hi Ken,
Splendid site. Two questions- what is the cutting compost and how ,on average,do they take to strike.

29.07.2017 13:17

Ray Leppard

Hi Ken,
I never realised you could take cuttings so big. I have many questions but my pressing ones are - what compost do you use for cuttings and how long, on average, do they take.
A splendid site

08.07.2017 10:50

John Geraghty

Hi Ken,
An excellent site! I've a query that doesn't seem to be covered by you - callusing. Prior to sticking, do you let the cut ends dry out and start callusing? And if so, for how long?

08.07.2017 11:34


Hi John I do not find the need to let end of cutting dry out by laying on bench.I just insert into the pot & find they root quicker for me that way. Glad you approve of site.Ken

04.07.2017 09:29

Pauline Scrace

how do you revive a flowering pelagarium for an exhibitions end of July, would it be best to cut flowers off now.

23.06.2017 20:43

Sue Howard

Stunning plants .. :)

18.06.2017 13:23

Frances Lazenby

Ken, amazing Pelargoniums and thank you so much for giving us your tips and feeding suggestions. I have a greenhouse full but have so learn much more from you. Thank you.
Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

02.06.2017 03:34

Lori in Denver

Hi ... Wonderful geraniums of all types. WOW! I will check to see if there is a club in Denver, Colorado usa. ;)

12.01.2017 17:25

Kaz Forecast

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a fabulous collection - such love and care have rewarded you. I am just starting out! Any idea where I can buy cuttings/plugs/ seeds of 'marbacka' the so called Swedish geranium.

12.01.2017 21:19


Hi Thanks for the WOWs, Sorry to say that I Do not know where you can get Marbacka maybe it would be worth trying one of the Swedish Sites. Ken

27.10.2016 08:20

sonia rose

I am so impressed Ken wow love what you have achieved

29.10.2016 08:14


Hi Sonia thanks for the kind words much appreciated. Ken

24.08.2016 11:48

Cecily Ellies

Impressive work Ken!

08.07.2016 18:41


Hi ken , words can't express yr Geranium collection. Its a heaven in the earth.

03.07.2016 09:24

Jean Grundy

I'm very inspired to grow these fabulous plants after watching great British gardens on BBC 2 this morning, where can I buy your book ? Thanks Jean

30.06.2016 18:54

Rachel Hawkridge

I was at the talk you gave to Brightlingsea garden club yesterday evening. Thankyou for a most interesting and enjoyable time.

01.07.2016 08:08


Hi Rachel thanks for your kind words and to you and the rest of the members for making us feel welcome a big thankyou . Ken

17.06.2016 12:42


Очень красивые пеларгонии! Сказка!

14.04.2016 08:13

Ann - Marie Lindblom

Such a beautiful Web side! We are going to have a show in Sweden this august. I hope that my plants can get some flowers!

06.03.2016 13:51



20.11.2015 20:18

Sandra Bullock

Hello Ken, I look after the scented pelargoniums in the new conservatory Scampston Walled Garden as a volunteer.
Would like to grow some more flowers to make a good show next year. Help!!

19.11.2015 16:31

Aimal Khan Kasi

Hello Ken,
I am Aimal from Quetta, Pakistan. Growing geraniums for the last 20 years. I often visit your website and the information and pics therein are really good.

18.11.2015 21:44

Pamela Lelean

I love your website.WE have trouble finding Angels In New Zealand.Dont suppose you have any contacts here.

19.11.2015 16:18


Hi Pamela so glad that you approve of my website. Sorry to say that I do not have any contacts in N.Z. , maybe someone who visits this site will know where you can acquire angels in N.Z.. KEN.

31.08.2015 13:55


thank you for sharing your amazing plants! I found your site looking 4 advice on regals) Lord Bute, have not had success in the past. I bought 3 small plants this year.

31.08.2015 14:21


Hi Ingrid, did you find the advice you were looking for on my website? If you want more help feel free to get in touch. Ken

20.08.2015 16:17

Kay Gentry

have a query for your help?

27.02.2015 08:50

Rose Whisson

I am the events coordinator of a garden club in Suffolk and am planning our 2016 programme. We would love to hear your talk on Pelargoniums and would be grateful for details of your charges etc

22.02.2015 13:15

Chris Kealey

I am a committee member of a gardening club and we have an annual sale and competition day in early August. This year we would like to try Pelargonium (previously Fuchsia). We would need about 50 plants. Can you recommend a small growing variety that w

16.01.2015 22:18

Dave Warwick

beautiful plants but where can I purchase some ?
I have never grown them before but have a fancy to try.

17.01.2015 20:51

Dave Warwick

Hi ken,
Hi ,much obliged for the very prompt reply and information, I shall certainly give them a go.

16.01.2015 22:36


Hi Dave Fibrex Nursery do mail order there is a link to them on the links page on this website.

14.01.2015 22:22

Mick Scott MBE

Just when you thought it was safe to watch BBC2 who should turn up. Well done Ken.
and those people who banned you from their show should think ashamed of themselves.
Mick S

04.11.2014 12:18

Bob Sawyer

Hi Ken can you please resolve the issue of the timing for the final stop before the show date some people say 18 weeks others 12 weeks which do prefer. Love the web site and your choice of music

24.09.2014 11:07

Mick Collins

Nicely grown Ken

11.09.2014 10:34

jean sekhose


16.06.2014 12:37


Nice one Pest! It will seem strange dressing my plants next weekend without Norman's cheery smile and banter he will be greatly missed R.I.P. dear friend.

28.05.2014 07:58


Hi I hope you all approve of the upgrade.

06.05.2014 07:11


Hi April stellar Millmore Medway is not one I have heard of. Can anyone help April with this? Ken

05.05.2014 14:58


Hi Ken Have you heard of pelargonium Millmore Medway. It is a Stellar but I don't know if it is a dwarf or regular size. Thanks April.

26.04.2014 08:57

Cynthia Mann

Hi Ken ,
I am writing from Australia and I really wish we lived closer when I see all the beautiful pellies you have . They don't grow as well here .

31.03.2014 22:58

Jeanne Hambridge

Dear Ken,
thanks for your message ,around 19990 I bought a few pelargoniums, one had a label in Ted ?Day, it didn't say Harlequin .i live in Essex.

02.03.2014 12:21

Elizabeth Tansley

I hadn't heard the music before. So soothing and beautiful like your pictures.

24.02.2014 02:38

Marina Tan

Hi Ken
The prize winning Pelargonium episodes on the front page is simply amazing - an accolade of success. Congratulations! You're unarguably a "Shining Star".

13.02.2014 22:53

Kari M. Knutsen

Beautiful as well as interesting, Ken! Thank you so much for sharing so much joy! All the very best to you from Granny Kari.

26.01.2014 14:15


Hi Ken.It's Brian Jones from North Wales.We have met at recent Yorkshire society Shows. Could you please email me. Questions about compost for you??

15.01.2014 17:55


Hi Reg Carlton Supreme is one of my seedlings and not released and I have no desire to do so at the moment. Ken

15.01.2014 14:38

Dear Ken
Can you pllease advise me where to get Carlton Supreme
Reg Woodberry

24.11.2013 06:58

Mick collins

Hi Ken cracking picture of Mister Lot I hope it does well for you around the shows, Mick

23.11.2013 19:11

Dorothy Charging Hawk

Hii! I have an orange pelargonium that I bought for a penny some 15+ years ago. Stella Birdbush Chloe!? It roots vigourously, and can survive a light frost.

28.09.2013 08:19


beautiful flowers i also have a blog check mine out noone is liking and only like 8 people like my page how do you get so many to your page

04.08.2013 12:33


hey cool flowers, why dont you sell them... also check out my website : ginalaish.simplesite.comthx

30.07.2013 06:06


Great flowers!!! anyway, come visit my website at www.dreamy yellow. Hope to see U there!!!

25.06.2013 22:46


18 to 12 weeks depending on what the cultivar is, this year due to weather plants have been 3 weeks late where I live. For more info use get in touch page.

24.06.2013 16:14


how long before flowers when you have done cutting and stopping ???

11.05.2013 14:34

Christina Johansson

Thank you so much for this very fine and interesting site!

06.03.2013 19:52


Love flowers takes me back to when I use to go along with my dad on his route delivering flowers for a local greenhouse; the smells, the colors, the beauty! :

29.01.2013 04:53


Love your website and flowers!
Please visit my at

06.12.2012 00:42


You have a really nice website, check mines out if you will.

04.12.2012 18:34

Makofane G

BEAUTIFUL.Like this.

30.11.2012 11:54


Cochlea ~ you are nice !!
I geranium inside of whether raise almost 2 months become!
See in the picture ...Came out being under sentence brilliantly ...!
Inform on if inform secret method how I raise ^^
I raise so well and I am the best to bogie!

21.09.2012 19:40

Geoff Porter

Fabulous Website, it has inspired me to try and grow better plants- I thought my Quantock Kirsty looked pretty good until I saw yours!

16.09.2012 09:21

baby p v

Great website
Baby P V from Kerala, Gods Own Country

05.07.2012 02:09


wow estan muy hermosas, lastima que en mi pais no las pueda conseguir todas, sobre todo mi favorita, angel enano

05.05.2012 18:08

Carol Benedict Russell

Thank you for sharing your lovely pelargoniums
I teach the Youth Division of The Shelter Island Garden Club.
Permanent collections; flowers to grow and share.

03.02.2012 16:43


Stunning!!! Spectacular presentation. Thanks for the inspirational tips.

11.01.2012 08:04


Great website, i love it. I will surely visite again

03.01.2012 17:31

Annelie Carlsson

my first time here, but not my last!! I just have to say WOW!!

09.11.2011 07:51

Andy Harper

Great Website Ken,complimented by the background music, Nice for you to share your growing ideas and experiences, an inspiration to us all.

13.08.2011 20:11

phoenix michaelis

wow those are some lovely flower displays.

07.08.2011 07:22


Love your well awarded display - congratulations!
Am seeking to obtain Quantock Shirley to give as rememberance for lost family member in Melbourne Australia

08.07.2011 14:33

Dr Rezvi

My favourite is carlton supreme, so beautiful, attractive pink color. You have done such a good job.

06.06.2011 02:13

sonu nampalli

great flowers aase garstad

11.03.2011 17:08

Aase Garstad (Norway)

It`s so amazing to look at Your fantastic Pelargoniums. I realize mine look like "refugees". I took notice of Your tips for repotting and cutting plants!

17.01.2011 15:12

shirley perriss

at last i have found your website, fantastic, keep up the good work, shirley from moulton nursery

13.01.2011 04:12



22.07.2010 23:48

Linda Brown

Great photos. Does anyone have a reference for whether Captain Starlight flowers/ petals are edible? Thanks. Linda Brown Victoria BC

26.06.2010 17:07


have just found this website through a e-mail from vernon nursery and what a find.loved the site and all the tips thank you ken.

02.06.2010 08:39

Judy McCracken in Auckland New Zealand

Beautifully staged plants. Loved the colours and health of your exhibits.
Well done for showing us superb, lovely specimens.

01.06.2010 20:49

Guy Filby

Well done Ken I like it
Best Wishes

17.05.2010 21:48


Fantastic site Ken, really enjoyed it, know how much work you have put into getting where you have, well done from the Bernese Oberland. Switzerland.

07.04.2010 23:40


Ken, thank you, for a most informative evening and website. There were quite a few pointers that I have taken on board. Best wishes for 2010. Clean Pots ! !

08.03.2010 10:18


welldone !! really like it, geat job

05.03.2010 17:08


SUPERBE SITE !!! Grand merci!